Damon® Braces

More than straight teeth.

Broader & Healthier Smile
Smiles with a broad arch show more teeth and fill the corners of the mouth more fully.
Quicker & More Comfortable
Even though Damon Smile works so quickly, the use of gentle, low-friction force means less discomfort.

Natural Broad Arch Smile

Smiles with a broad arch show more teeth and fill the corners of the mouth more fully. The result is a more natural and appealing smile. A broad arch also provides facial support, which gives the face a more youthful appearance.*

Upright Teeth for Proper Bite

Teeth may appear relatively straight, while still being tipped in (pictured) or flared out. Having the teeth upright and in the correct position helps the jaws to function properly and can protect against wear caused by improper bite. Upright teeth can also enhance a smile’s appeal.

Smile Arc

An important aspect of a beautiful smile is the smile arc. A smile arc is created when the curve of the teeth follows the curve of the lower lip, creating a naturally beautiful and flowing smile.

Treating a Gummy Smile

A smile with gingival excess, also known as a ‘gummy’ smile, can distract from the natural beauty of the teeth and face. Many Damon doctors can now treat gummy smiles to incredible results. Ask your Damon doctor about their experience treating these smiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does treatment take?

Studies have shown that treatment time with Damon Smile is typically much faster than with conventional braces. Also, far fewer appointments are required during treatment.

Since Damon Smile works so quickly, does that mean it is harsh or unsafe?

No. In fact, what makes Damon Smile work so quickly is its use of gentle, more biologically-sensible forces than conventional braces. The low-friction nature of the system ensures improved tooth position and improved facial harmony. Very light-weight, shape memory wires are used to gently guide your teeth to their ideal position resulting in a beautiful Damon Smile.

Will my teeth hurt after adjustments?

While braces of any kind may cause slight discomfort, many patients experience very little discomfort with Damon Smile braces because of the system's low-force, low-friction nature.

Aren't braces big and bulky?

Not anymore! Braces are much smaller than they were just a few years ago, and new materials are now used that make them very discreet. Damon Smile braces have a particularly low profile, so you might forget you're even wearing them!

What about adult treatment?

People of all ages should be proud of their smile. Adults can be treated quickly, easily, and most importantly, with a high-quality result.

How much does Damon Smile treatment cost?

We know that cost is a big question for anyone considering braces. Upon your initial consultation we'll be able to determine the cost for your specific treatment. Damon Smile braces are usually similar to the cost of traditional braces.

What payment options are available?

Upon your initial consultation and treatment plan we'll sit with you to determine the best financial option available.

Does insurance cover Damon Smile treatment?

Because medical benefits differ significantly from policy to policy, you should review your policy coverage. If you have orthodontics coverage, Damon Smile braces are covered to the same extent as regular braces.


Julie A., Adult Damon Braces Patient

“As my children were coming out of their Damon Braces they had these big, broad, beautiful smiles. And I thought, ‘Wow, I want that. I want what they've got.”

Heather M., Adult Damon Braces Patient

“You need to educate yourself on the differences between traditional braces and the Damon System, because there is a very big difference, and it can make a big, big difference on the result that you get.”

Traekon C., Damon Braces Patient

“It was just amazing to see the transformation and I became way more confident. It was just an amazing experience.”

Frances C., Damon Braces Patient

“I would not be where I am today without my orthodontist and the Damon System!”